2017 Diamond Color Trends Are In: Gleaming Golds, Brilliant Blushes, Dazzling Denims

With each year comes new trends, and the diamond industry is no different. 2017’s latest color trends for diamonds have been revealed at JCK Las Vegas, one of the diamond and jewelry industry’s premier annual events showcasing the newest, greatest, and most popular color trends for diamonds for the year. This year, the top emerging color trends for diamonds are yellow-gold, blush pinks, and dark-denim blues.

Yellow-colored diamonds are a result of a diamond’s nitrogen molecules absorbing blue light and are primarily found in South Africa’s Cape Province, although rough diamonds of this color are also found in Russia as well as Australia. Yellow-colored diamonds usually symbolize humility and the renunciation of desires.

pink diamond

Blush pink diamonds are a result of a diamond’s molecules absorbing green light and although they are rare, they are found all over the world, most notably in South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Canada, and Tanzania. Blush-colored diamonds are believed to symbolize joy, love, romance, and creativity. Pink diamonds may also be synthetically created through lab processes, such as exposing the diamond to high temperatures and intense pressure.

blue diamond

Dark blue and denim-colored diamonds are a result of hydrogen-rich stones that carry trace amounts of boron, which allow the diamond to absorb red light, leaving a visible blue hue in the stone. Naturally-occurring dark blue diamonds are quite popular and rare, being found in small quantities primarily in Australia and South Africa. Denim blue-colored diamonds are thought to represent eternity, truth, devotion, and peace among other symbolisms.

J Thomson Custom Jewelers keeps a close eye on color trends for diamonds to provide their customers with trending options any time of the year. If you are looking for an on-trend custom piece, contact J Thomson Custom Jewelers and discover the brilliance of 2017’s colored diamond trends.

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