Welcome, Military and Government Personnel to the J. Thomson Custom Jewelers engagement and wedding ring web page set up specifically for you!

We want you to browse our very unique selection of designs most of which you have not seen anywhere else. These designs can hold most any shape or size as is or with minor modification - all done in house here by our jewelers. In addition, we can custom design with CAD or handmade fabrication any metal (except titanium or tungsten) - including the new white metal palladium.

The designs featured in our engagement and diamond sections are already discounted 30% or more off our already low retail prices. Call for pricing of the discount of our colored stones designs.

Please browse our diamond database to get a good idea of diamond size versus quality and price. You can call toll free, or e-mail us and discus options that fit your budget. If you have seen other designs or styles and wish us to quote a "similar" custom design, we can guarantee a better product made exactly the way you want it for less money. This is our specialty, which we have done for tens of thousands of clients world-wide since 1993.

We support all retired and active military personnel (as well as NATO) and always give you a special deal no one else gets! We appreciate your dedication to our country and we want to prove it by helping you with this special jewelry purchase decision. As far as a diamond center stone or any other gemstone or symbolism design, we will be able to provide a high quality stone that fits your budget desires. On certified diamonds if you locate a stone that you really think is a great deal we will beat the price if we compare "apples to apples." We also have on staff a GIA graduate gemologist that can help answer questions about diamonds or help you evaluate a diamond certificate before your important decision.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you in the pursuit of that special ring. We pledge to give you the ultimate personal service, high quality, and the best price for this special purchase. We can work with you closely on payment options, even layaway if you need time to pay. Doing business with us and the Internet means no sales tax! We ship stones to you for personal inspection with no obligation we take care of return shipping procedures. Call Jeff Thomson at 1-800-376-6725 for a free consultation or submit any email design request form and we will respond within 24 hours or less. With our experience, we will make this sometimes anxious and complicated process very simple and less stressful! We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Wishes,

Jeff Thomson.

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