Custom Design

Custom Design Process

  • Phase 1


    First we will sketch a design based on the clients wants/needs.

  • Phase 2

    CAD Design

    Our CAD designers re-create the ring model based on the drawing.

  • Phase 3

    3D Version

    We print a 3D plastic from the CAD files, to be cast in white gold.

  • Phase 4


      From the 3D wax a metal casting is made before gem setting.

  • Phase 5

    Finished Product

    Polished and set custom ring with the client's gold and diamonds.

We Do Custom Designs

"I've looked through several catalogs and nothing really jumped out at me."

"I have a vision for a ring in my mind, but I can’t seem to find what I really want anywhere."

"I wish could have more choices for my next piece of jewelry."

These are common customer sentiments. Most customers are tired of being confined to catalog jewelry pieces that don’t reflect their personal taste. Many customers have creative, personalized ideas for jewelry, but are frustrated because they can't find anything on the market that fits their image. At J. Thomson Custom Jewelers, we take pride in our ability to make the customer's vision a reality. We work closely with each customer to design a unique, one-of-a-kind heirloom piece. It may be from scratch or it may be a drastic re-styling of an existing piece of jewelry you are tired of wearing.

Discover the benefits of custom design jewelry through online communication. Not every customer is able to physically visit our store to tell us their idea or view their piece in progress. Our customers can tell us what they want from the comforts of their own home via email, approve an initial drawing and then review wax models, metal prototypes and the final product. YOU work with us through the entire process until the piece is finished to your exact specifications.


Our Pricing

There are many costs associated with a custom designed piece of jewelry. Each job is different but the pricing process is the same. Inevitably the stones, or centerpiece gem may be the top cost of a custom jewelry design, then the actual creation is made around that stone or stones, and the size you select. We usually recommend you purchase the main gem or diamond from us first and then we work closely with you to design the jewelry for your taste, desire and budget. These are the things that need to be considered when pricing a job to be done in a custom manner.

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