Steps to Help Extend the Life of Your Jewelry

Life greatest moments are highlighted with memories. Often times, those memories are coupled with tangible objects. For example, special events like Valentine’s Day, Christmas and engagements are associated with jewelry. These precious objects are automatically connected with those moments and therefore forever cherished. When your jewelry starts to look dull or breaks, you make sure to take it to a professional for repairs.

The big question now is, how can you maintain your jewelry?  The answer is simple. A routine cleaning is always recommended. It’s also the perfect moment to repair anything that might cause more problems in the future.  When you think about it, you’d be surprised to hear about the things that get stuck in your jewelry. Lotions, perfumes, hair products, even hair can be found throughout each piece. Here are some small steps that can help you extend the life of your jewelry.

  1. Routine Checks:
    This can’t be stressed enough. Most places offer complimentary cleaning. Make it a habit to have your jewelry checked regularly. There’s nothing wrong with having a little extra scrubbing and polishing.
  2. Earrings:
    These beautiful pieces of jewelry are often overlooked. Taking your earrings in for a cleaning will get rid of perfume, hair, and hair products. Be sure to bring in the backs to get those checked as well. This routine care will save you from losing your earrings in the future.
  3. Engravings:
    Most pieces are linked to special memories. Engravings tie even more feelings to your jewelry. Before it fades away, have a professional go over and re-engrave your jewelry.
  4. Necklaces and bracelets:
    Are you not wearing your favorite piece of jewelry because it’s too long or too short? Taking your necklace or bracelets to a professional will solve those issues. The technician can shorten or add length to the piece. They can also check and replace or repair clasps so, you don’t run the risk of losing your favorite necklace or bracelet.

The professionals at J Thomson Custom Jewelers can help you repair your jewelry. It doesn’t matter if it’s missing a stone or has other issues. Don’t store it in the jewelry box forever, without knowing if there’s a solution repairing it. Stop by our store to let one of our experts repair and clean up your jewelry, because we’re considered #1 in jewelry repair in Oklahoma City. You’ll get to wear and cherish those amazing pieces for many years to come.

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